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Doctor Tele Med consistently works towards providing the best healthcare services to address the most common illnesses as well as injuries. Our healthcare professionals do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for your diagnosis – We aim to improve and maintain your overall health and entrust you with an in-depth awareness of your condition and wellness plan.

Are you ready to start living healthier, longer, and happier lives?

What are We Trying to Do?

Doctor Tele Med is here to make virtual healthcare accessible to everyone by offering a truly cooperative and personalized experience for each patient.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to connect with patients and expand the reach of healthcare professionals.

We deliver the highest standards of clinical quality at every medical stage for all patients alike.

We enhance health decisions and outputs with intelligent data and actionable insights.

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What Do
We Believe in?

Doctor Tele Med has doctors and healthcare professionals who understand your health needs, while focusing on the bigger picture to guide you towards a longer and happier life.

We Believe in
Quality Healthcare

All healthcare professionals at Doctor Tele Med are licensed, board-certified, and trained to provide the highest quality care. They carry high spirits to deliver excellent healthcare using the best available resources in the industry.

We Believe in Comprehensive Care

Our patients get personal doctors, leading a holistic healthcare team to ensure the best healthcare facilities. From managing the current conditions and prescriptions, to finding ways to prevent disease – they are the best to deal with!

We Believe in Clearing Barriers

We’ve adopted the latest technologies that help us build a direct and uninterrupted connection between doctor and patient. We’re progressing to make your healthcare more promising and affordable. Doctor Tele Med is here to make a global impact!

How We Work

You do not have to wait in a waiting rooms anymore – At Doctor Tele Med, you will get online healthcare consultations, prescriptions, and notes from certified doctors.

Available Appointment

You can easily see all the available appointment time slots when scheduling your appointments online. After speaking with your doctor, we will send the prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.

No Insurance Needed

No insurance is required, as Doctor Tele Med believes healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Therefore, we provide low-cost membership plans for only $25 a month!

Sign Up for a Membership

Sign up for a membership and forget costly medical invoices. Members receive unlimited visits for $25 a month or $25 a visit for nonmembers – Your healthcare is important to us!

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